Wemms Education Centre: The Alternative School

Wemms Education Centre is a unique environment embracing primary and secondary school students who are unfulfilled by conventional mainstream education.

Located in the calm and serene setting of Ashtead Village, Wemms Education Centre employs highly experienced, fully qualified teachers to deliver a wide and enriching curriculum. The bespoke buildings are comfortable, safe and actively demonstrate respect for individualism.

Students well suited to Wemms are individuals who relish the opportunity to work with specialist teachers on a one-to-one and small group basis.

“The compassions shown to me and flexibility in times of need was incredible.”

R. Brackham, Student

In an environment in which diversity is embraced, the underpinning philosophy is the focus on character being as important as academic fulfillment. We believe in the importance of being able to look in a mirror and respect our reflection. It is how we conduct ourselves when no-one is watching that is the key to peace of mind, integrity and personal success.

Fulfilling Curriculum

With individual lesson timetables customised for each student, we support their current physical, mental and emotional needs. Students begin life at Wemms with a workload they can cope with and expand their horizons as their confidence and strength grows.

The comprehensive curriculum includes the full range of core subjects in addition to a wide range of optional subjects. Physical education in the form of sports, gym activities and swimming is required for all students to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing.

An extensive enrichment programme of interesting events accompanies the regular curriculum; comprised of theatre- and film-going, visits to historic landmarks and museums, physical challenges, inspirational guest speakers and much more keeping Wemms students happy, energetic and ready to learn.

Wonderful Team

Since founding Wemms Education Unlimited in 2007, Principal Joy Wemms has tirelessly scoured London, Surrey and Sussex to find a group of exceptional teachers; who have themselves helped to educate thousands of students. They share her values and aspirations.

They are friendly teachers who get to know the students so well, they can tell you the young person’s middle name and their favourite vegetable. The rapport with between staff and students helps those battered by formal education to come out of their shell and regain their confidence in social interactions.

Charismatic Leadership

Throughout her extensive teaching career, Joy has dedicated herself to educating the whole person; helping countless people successfully achieve their goals along the way. To her the most unique and valuable gift one can give a child is an inspirational education that feeds their mind and their soul. It is her belief that there is only one form of effective discipline; that of self discipline; the quiet knowledge of what is right and wrong, and the confidence to make the right choice in all circumstances.

“Life should be a rich tapestry of multi-coloured threads, skillfully woven to reveal a glorious tribute to one’s social, professional and personal journey.”

Principal Joy Wemms

Society should be underpinned by integrity, by accepting personal responsibility and by respecting diversity. Man is both the caretaker of this Earth and the protector of civilisation.

Founded on the values of trust and respect; Wemms is a school in which there is space to breathe easy, to laugh, to learn and to discover oneself.

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