Wemms Education Centre is an independent school; offering alternative education across Surrey and London for primary school and secondary school students from year three to year eleven.

Focused towards a niche in the education sector, there are currently only twelve full-time spaces available for students each term. The warm and informal environment of close-knit, friendly staff and students is particularly well-suited towards those who have additional academic, emotional, social and physical needs.

Many students enrolled at Wemms have been homeschooled in the past, and they missed having social contact and interacting with peers. Many others had difficulty with formal mainstream education and needed an alternative that would enable them to fulfill their potential.

In common with many alternative schools, Wemms Education Centre is a school for individualists; who excel with a customised curriculum that’s tailored to their personal learning style.

Academic Fees

Bespoke Independent Education is obviously not inexpensive. Due to the customisable and unique curriculums we deliver, the fees depend upon the student’s timetable.

Because of the gentle approach employed at Wemms, where students’ timetables expand as their confidence grows and all parties involved agree they’re ready, fees tend to change over the course of their education, often most significantly during their first year.

The Enrolment Process

The enrolment process is the same for both primary and secondary school students.

  1. Initial Visit

    To join Wemms happy community we recommend that you start with an initial visit. New students need to see the education centre is a safe place in which to laugh, learn and grow. They need to feel the atmosphere and see the wonderful teachers in action. They need to believe it’s somewhere they’ll be happy, find friends and achieve great things.

  2. Consultation

    The student and their parent/guardian will have a meeting with the Principal, Joy Wemms. If the students are young, parents/guardians may wish to have a second, more in-depth consultation with Joy without the student present.

  3. Trial Placement

    Once everyone has agreed that Wemms Education Centre is suited to the student, they’ll be offered a two week trial placement.

    Fees for trial placements are required in advance and are non-refundable.

  4. Successful Enrolment

    Upon successful completion of the two week trial will we discuss contracts, deposits and the rest of the stages for enrolment at an outstanding school.

  5. Induction

    Upon completing the enrolment process, students are introduced to any and all aspects of Wemms Education Centre that they didn’t get a chance to experience during the trial placement.

The Payment Process

Upon the successful completion of the enrolment process, a deposit amounting to one half term of fees is requested.

Each half term, an invoice will be issued reflecting the number of weeks in that particular half term. The invoice will be due for payment seven working days prior to the start of the half term to which it refers.