Our Philosophy

Einstein once commented "It is amazing creativity ever survives formal schooling". Wemms Education Centre is definitely not “formal” schooling. It’s creative, zany, vibrant teaching delivered by highly gifted and experienced teachers.

All staff at Wemms Education Centre share in the belief that catalysing learning is both a vocation and a craft. Each students’ curriculum is developed to cater to their individual needs; and no two lessons are ever the same.

  • Learning is a wonderful lifelong journey

    The acquisition of knowledge and application of thought is a lifelong journey that sees students climb a spiral staircase to mastery. Each step of the journey encourages them to reflect upon their prior knowledge, enrich their current learning and look onward to the journey ahead.

    As firm believers in the saying "How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time!", we believe it’s essential that each student’s journey to acquiring skills they desire is separated into achievable stages and delivered in a rich variety of teaching styles that capture their attention and imagination.

  • Everyone has a gift to give

    Every person is born with a gift to share and a challenge to overcome. As each students journey through life and education begins, they need people who will be there to enable, encourage, and reassure them to recognise, harness and rejoice in their gifts.

    By striving through adversity and learning to overcome challenges, students experience personal growth. They learn to recognise their potential and gain confidence in their ability to function as well rounded citizens of 21st Century Britain.

  • Everyone is capable of learning

    Every person has the innate ability to learn and enjoy academic subjects. The knowledge accumulated serves us well throughout our lives. Education is freedom; from prejudice, from self-imposed limitations; freedom to soar!

    Every mind is unique and prewired with a preferred way of learning. Great education is creative, allowing students to think out the box, develop their own lines of enquiry and make connections. It gives them the ability to approach the new and unknown with a quiet self-confidence and enquiring mind.

Special Education Needs

All teachers at Wemms are formally trained to help students overcome PDA, dyslexia and dyscalculia. They have substantial experience with empowering students suffering from depression, recovering from ME, and students on the autistic spectrum. They are also patient and empathic towards students who are striving to overcome the challenges of ADHD.

A number of our teachers have overcome challenges such as dyslexia, delayed processing skills and even some mild autistic spectrum disorders to enjoy long and illustrious careers which lead them to teaching at Wemms Education Centre. They serve as both role models and co-learners in the complex world we inhabit.

Gifted and Talented

Due to the bespoke nature of learning provided by Wemms Education Centre, each students’ gifts and talents are nurtured every step of the way. We strive to offer every child a bespoke education which feeds their mind and sets their souls soaring. All students have gifts and talents, and we consider it our responsibility to encourage, cultivate and enrich their gifts as much as possible.